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Everyday objects have their own voice, powerful and deep for whoever wants to hear. They give material proof of what life was like for that generation that is about to disappear. Getting rid of them denotes ignorance about what an anthropological treasure should be .” Elvira Lindo

In this series of photos Laura Ferro invites us to discover material evidence of other lives. With a generous look she introduces us to others through the spaces they inhabit. They are not physically present, but we do not feel invading their privacy, because the presence of its inhabitants is so strong through the love they put into the objects and the care of these spaces that we feel welcome.

These interiors are in Patagonia, but they could be anywhere in the world where people cling to the objects and spaces we inhabit as a projection of our identity. There is a decision of specific order and precise selection of ordinary objects that makes them unique, they have an owner, they are important to someone.

This series of portraits of absences are a new way of inventorying life.

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