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Laura Ferro

I work in the research for new perspectives on my personal history, whose forms are being reconstructed in a continuous process. As an interdisciplinary artist, I use different tools such as photography, video, writings and installations that complement each other to integrate a body of work that, at the same time, are supported by research and archives. In questioning the object portrayed, one of my main tools as an artist is to use my body to explore and experience the process. The search is a starting point to get into, from research to realization, the importance and knowledge of the different social, geographical and anthropological layers that make up the universes of meanings of my works. The importance of inherited family history, concepts such as the real and the thing itself, the objects, images and meanings that I find while exploring territories, are some of the elements to understand my practice and the processes of reconstruction of my thought and work.


I studied at the Argentine School of Photography and at the Creative School of Andy Goldstein. I have a degree in Psychology, specializing in the branch of Carl Gustav Jung. I made individual and group exhibitions at the Recoleta Cultural Center, Borges Cultural Center, BA Photo, Festival de la Luz, Ecocentro Puerto Madryn. My works have been published in media such as Clarín, Diario El Chubut, Revista Sur, ArtexArte, MalevaMag. In 2018, I published my first photo essay book: The Wild Appeared in My Dreams. In 2019 I obtained a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for a photographic research project Time is a landscape. In 2020 I was selected as a finalist in Latin American Photographers to exhibit my work in Paris in the exhibition Le monde vu par les femmes d 'Amérique Latine. In 2021 I participated in the Canserrat art residency, Barcelona. In 2022 I get a Scholarship for the Master in Photographic Creation at LENS School of Visual Arts, Madrid.

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