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Laura Ferro 


As an interdisciplinary artist, she makes use of photography, video and writing, which, together with her research of photo, archaeological, and epistolary archives, constitute the body of her work. Her family legacy, her background in psychology and the territory as a limit are some key elements necessary to understand not only her art practice but also the processes of her thoughts and work.

Solo Exhibitions
• 2024: Inventory of a steppe. Taller Eloi. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
• 2023: The Wildnerness Appeared in My Dreams. Atelier Bergere. Paris, France. 
• 2023: If I Name it, I Lose it. Art Gallery Foto Arte. PDE, Uruguay. 
• 2022: If I Name it, I Lose it. Art District. Chubut, Argentina. 
• 2017: Treasures of the Mountain. Pagana Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
• 2011: One. Ecocentro. Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Patagonia.

Group Exhibitions

• 2024: Lo que busco es efímero [What I'm looking for is ephemeral]. Comité357. Buenos Aires, Arg.

• 2024: If I Name it, I Lose it. House of Arts. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
• 2024: Spoons. Explora Salta Museum Complex. Salta, Argentina. 
• 2023: Frames for a Present in Transit. Lens Exhibition Space. Madrid, Spain. 
• 2023: Time Is a Landscape. Espace Commun .Galerie Julio Artist Run Space. Paris, France. 
• 2022: Unintended Effects of Human Action in Nature. CAMPO Art Fest. Garzón, Uruguay. 
• 2021: The Wildnerness Appeared in My Dreams. Editorial RM. Paris Photo. 
• 2021: The World Seen by Women of Latin America. Le 59 Rivoli. Paris, France. 
• 2020: Buenos Aires Photo. Budapest Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
• 2010: Festival of Light. Borges Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Grants, Residencies, and Awards
• 2024: Awasi artist immersion. Art residency. Iguazu, Misiones. Argentina.
• 2024: Cultural Patronage of the City of Buenos Aires. Black Wool Project. 
• 2023: Creation Grant from [Fondo Nacional de las Artes]. Black Wool Project. Argentina. 
• 2022: Master's Grant in Photography. Madrid, Spain. Lens School of Visual Arts. 
• 2021: Finalist in Latin American Photographers. Paris, France. 
• 2021: Canserrat. Artistic Residency. Barcelona, Spain. 
• 2019: Grant from the National Fund for the Arts. Photographic Research Time Is a Landscape. Arg.

• 2019: Art Residence with curator Ticio escobar. The paradox of art. Jujuy, Argentina.

Academic Background
• 2023: Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism. University of Buenos Aires. Saltzman Chair. Textile Design. 
• 2022: Master's in Photography. Miguel de Cervantes University. Madrid, Spain. 
• 2021: Editing and Visual Narration. Lens School of Visual Arts. Madrid, Spain. 
• 2005 – 2008: Diploma in Photography. Argentine School of Photography. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
• 2004 – 2008: Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
• 2004: Argentine School of Photography. Professional Photography. 
• 2003: Andy Goldstein Creative Photography School. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Editorial and Archives
• 2023: MALBA (Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires). Conference on personal archives. 
• 2022: Larivière Foundation. Presentation of the book The Wild Appeared in My Dreams. 
• 2019: La Abadía (Center for Latin American Arts and Studies). The wild appeared in my dreams. 
• 2019: Participation in the ArtsLibris Barcelona fair with The Wild Appeared in My Dreams. 
• 2018: FOLA (Latin American Photography Library). How we see: Photography books by women. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
• 2018: Publication of the photobook The Wild Appeared in My Dreams.

• 2023: Clarín Newspaper. The young artist who brought her art from Patagonia to Paris. 
• 2022: La Nación Newspaper. Outdoor gallery in Chubut. 
• 2022: Página 12 Newspaper. The giant photographs of an Argentine artist in Patagonia. 
• 2021: 30 Fotogramas. The wild appeared in my dreams. Rada Tilly Cultural Center. Chubut, Arg.
• 2020: Chubut Newspaper. Laura Ferro presented her book in Puerto Pirámides. 
• 2020: The Culture Trip. Photographer recreates 120-year-old images of Patagonia. 
• 2020: Mejor Informado. Laura Ferro and her time machine. 
• 2019: Ñ Clarín Cultural Magazine. An identity made of geography. 
• 2019: Sur Cultural Magazine. The wild appeared in my dreams. 
• 2018: Sophia Magazine. The consecration of the wild.

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